Pastel goth tailmouth pony I made for a contest that was canceled before I finished it. I guess I’m pretty happy that I got to keep her, since the host originally wanted to adopt the best OC submitted to her x3 Any ideas on a name and cutie mark? #pastelgoth #pastelgothpony #mlp #mylittlepony #myart #art #tailmouth #cake #anyideas?

by __snowi_is_bae__

Moonlit Nebula! Time for some character stuff so ye feel free to skip cx When Moonlit was a filly, her mother was struck by a train and died. Moonlit never really had a father, so she decided to try and live by herself up in the mountains, alone and secluded. Her mother, Starlight Shimmer, had always taken Moonlit to go and look at the stars. Whenever Moonlit felt the choking grasp of grief, she would go to the edge of the cliff and gaze at the stars, fathoming that she could hear her mother’s voice. Sorry about the quality of the pic, i didn’t want to crop it because it looked better as the full pic so Yeah uh thoughts below?

by nichibostu

Hey guys! I’ve decided to do a prediction for Season 5 Episode 1 + 2! But that means I’ll have to keep this pic here until April XD meh I’ll just copy and paste into another photo. Anyway, I think the story is kinda based on some of my pony stories lmao I drew a comic of Pinkie Pie stealing all her friends cutiemarks when hers was gone, and then explaining that because she felt like she had no talent and every had a talent so she took it away to make everyone equal. And I think in Mayor Marx episode I think she’s doing it in a bad way though, she might take all of everyone’s CutieMark, and make it into an equal sign. Why? Because some ponies’ talents might be better than others, but what if everyone’s talents were the same? That would be equal! So you see, my story is Pinkie Pie not being evil to take everyone’s CM but the villians is, and I think that’s what may happen in Season Five Ep 1 + 2! :D What do you think? Comment below!

by pinkie.gypsy